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Kettle & Fire Cooking Broth is your new secret weapon for enhancing the flavor of any home-cooked meal.
Rich & savory taste to elevate your favorite recipes
Real ingredients like organic and 100% grass-fed bones
Carefully crafted by our world-class chef
Slow-simmered to perfection for maximum flavor
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Chef Approved Flavors

Cook with Confidence

Prepping for a big home-cooked meal can be a nightmare. You don't want your guests to leave hungry. And you definitely don't want one bad ingredient to ruin an otherwise perfect dish.

Our Cooking Broths are made for home chefs who don't settle for anything less than perfection. Unlike other options in the aisle, we've carefully crafted these cooking broths to maintain the flavor needed to complement any dish.

That way you can cook with confidence while preparing delicious dishes for you and your loved ones.

No Watered-Down Broth Here

Most store-bought broths are mass-produced by big food corporations. They're cheaply made, taste bland, and are full of processed ingredients.

At Kettle & Fire, we wanted to make a delicious broth using only the best ingredients. So we spent nearly a year perfecting our recipe to create an experience that's high-quality, full of flavor, and elevates any recipe.

Reason #1

Slow-simmered with organic free-range chicken bones & 100% grass-fed beef bones

Reason #2

Made with clean ingredients and organic vegetables - nothing artificial

Reason #3

Rich and savory flavor created by our world-class chef

Non-GMO Verified
whole 30

Why Kettle & Fire?

Our mission is to make living healthy easier, enjoyable, and more convenient. Everything from using clean ingredients, our production process, and the packaging, our bone broth is thoughtfully designed with your health in mind.

All-in-one nutrition
Ready to eat in 1 minute
Made with only clean ingredients
Mouthwatering flavors

Kettle & Fire

vs. Other Cooking Broth

Traditions are meant to be broken. Give yourself and your loved ones the good stuff by cooking with the body-loving benefits of Kettle & Fire Cooking Broth to complement your next recipe.

Other Cooking Broth

Goopy Texture

Smooth & Elegant Texture

Clean, organic ingredients

Ingredients you can't pronounce

Rich and savory flavor

Watered-down taste

Crafted by our world-class chef

Optimized for profit, not quality

Made with real bone broth

Made with spray-dried powders

Nothing artificial

Hydrogenated oils and emulsifiers

No Sugars

Added sugars and yeast extract

What Our Customers Say


"This was amazing for adding some moisture to my fajitas. Great flavor with plenty of nutrients, and gluten free! Will be purchasing again."

Chambree T.
Verified Buyer

"The chicken broth is delicious and full of flavor. You can use it so many ways. My kids even loved how our food tasted and they are picky eaters."

Heather G.
Verified Buyer

"This can be used for so many recipes! It has great flavor, low sodium, and a great ingredient panel. Highly recommend!"

Nicole R.
Verified Buyer

The Tastier Way To Cook

Get ready to elevate your favorite recipes with the tastier way to cook every meal. Whether you're making a meal, a sauce, or a stew, we got you covered. Choose from any of our 3 flavors for recipes that call for stock or broth.

Beef Broth

Bold-yet-balanced, it’s a beefy alternative to basic cooking broth with superior quality that blows regular stock right out of the (boiling) water.

Chicken Broth

This light, clean-ingredient cooking broth adds depth of flavor to any dish. Perfect for elevating meals when you need a quick base.

Vegetable Broth

A mild mix-in with minimal ingredients, this cooking broth won't overpower your palate and is perfect for the veggie-forward home chef.

Quality ingredients you can trust
How to elevate your next meal
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size - 1 cup
4 servings per container
Total Fat
Total Carbohydrates
Total Protein
Total Sugars

The #1 Choice for Cooking Broth

See why 1.4 million home chefs trust Kettle & Fire

Flavorful and ready in seconds!

"The flavor profile was amazing! It didn't taste like typical boxed cooking broth and instead had that lovely earthiness you get from scratch cooking. Great brand and packaging. I made soup with it and it was great!

- Nicole C.

Pantry Staple!

"I gave this a try for the convenience of having ready-to-go broth in our pantry, and I definitely see this organic chicken broth being a new staple. The size is perfect for saving space and has the perfect chicken flavor."

- Sarah K.

Very pure, great for soups

"I almost never make beef broth, because it’s such a pain. Their beef has a really good flavor, no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and is a wonderful base for a soup or any of the million ramen dishes that we make."

- Monica S.

Perfect Addition

"I have tried many chicken broths and I must say this stuff beats them all. I love to add to my homemade Cajun Alfredo sauce and it was the perfect addition. I would for sure recommend it and look forward to trying with other variations of meals for my family."

- Tiffany A.

Easy Meal Ingredient

"I love making my own broth but when I can’t or don’t have time it’s wonderful to have a shelf-stable option in my pantry! The rich flavor of this broth makes it a key ingredient in my soups and other dishes!"

- Rachael L.


"We used the kettle & fire chicken broth to boil our rice in and make a delicious fried rice meal, it added so much extra flavor, we really loved it. Also love that it’s no artificial ingredients, and healthy."

- Jennifer V.

Taste the difference or it's free

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. That's why your order is secured with our satisfaction guarantee.

If for some reason you don't love our cooking broth, we'll happily refund you within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked. You don't even need to return any product back to us. That's how confident we are that you'll love Kettle & Fire!

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Try Kettle & Fire today so you can...

Enhance the flavor of your home-cooked meals

Make your guests say "WOW" at your next dinner party

Cook with confidence in the kitchen

Support your healthy eating habits

Never worry about watered-down broth again

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See below for our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your answer or just want to say hello, send us an email at Our expert support team will be happy to help you!

What is cooking broth?

Kettle and Fire’s Cooking Broths are a stock alternative, made with high-quality and minimal ingredients and serve as the perfect base to elevate your recipes. In addition to using real bones, we slow-simmer them for 10+ hours to extract all the collagen, deep flavor notes, and beneficial trace nutrients into a true first-class cooking broth. No powders or artificial ingredients + low carbs with zero sugar!

What is the serving size?

Our cooking broths come in convenient 32oz cartons with flip-top lids. This way, you can store unused broth in your fridge until your next meal. Never waste another drop! Each carton has 4 servings per container, 1 cup per serving.

How should I use cooking broth?

Replace your current cookbook recipe's stock, broth or soup base with our cooking broth, then wait for your family to say “Wow.” Whether you’re new to cooking or have been using the same stock for years, you’re in for a flavorful treat.

Why shouldn't I buy a cheaper broth at the grocery store?

Unlike other stocks and broths, our cooking broths are simmered for 20 hours, made with all natural, organic ingredients and simmered with 100% grass-fed, grass finished beef bones to provide you with the maximum health benefits most stocks lack. We use only clean ingredients, and no additives or artificial ingredients like other brands.

What if I don't like my order?

We are obsessed with your satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. That's why your order is secured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for some reason you don't love your order, we will happily refund you within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked. You don't even need to return any product back to us.

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